Members of the IRSA board: Myrian Paredes

Myriam Paredes is an Ecuadorian rural sociologist that works as a professor and researcher at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO) in Ecuador. Her teaching and research focusses on heterogeneity studies with feminist perspectives to understand the different faces of Food Sovereignty. Myriam has served as a member of the Latin American Rural Sociology association directorate as well as the co-organizer of the TIERRA group, a rural sociology studies organization of Ecuador. Current research includes leading the project “Evaluating and bringing to scale alternative food networks to address diabetes mellitus and hypertension” implemented by the consortium EKOMER formed by Montreal University, FLACSO and the NGO Ekorural. With her family Myriam runs an agroecological farm outside Quito and a delivery scheme similar to a CSA.

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