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XI World Congress of Rural SociologyXI World Congress
of Rural Sociology

Trondheim, Norway
July 25-30, 2004

The Congress is over.
Information provided here is for reference.



Trondheim (pronounced tron-HEIM, the d is silent), is Norway's third largest city with a population of about 150 thousand.
Geographically, it is 500 km north of Oslo, seven hours by train, and just south of the Artic Circle. It is a popular stop over for tourists pursuing the summer Midnight Sun or the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) of winter. Trondheim has a distinctive Norwegian charm about it.wodden wharfs along the river of NidelvenDaily, tourists from the Hurtigruten coastal steamer walk the cobblestone streets among the old timber buildings along the River Nidelva.

King Olav Tryggvason of Viking fame founded the city as Nidaros in 997. It was the first capital of Norway, and is still the city where new kings receive their ceremonial blessing. Situated by the Trondheim fjord, it is surrounded by lovely forested hills, with the Nidelva river winding through the town. In Trondheim you can experience both the charm and intimacy of the small town and the plethora of choices of big-city life.

The industrial and commercial center for much of central and northern Norway, Tronheim is a modern city. A highly respected university, many popular colleges and a research community ranking among the best in Europe make Trondheim the technology capital of Norway.