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Have we seen the beginning of the time of food uprisings? During the 2006-2008 food price increase, FAO real food price index rose to 184,7 points, and more than 40 countries experienced food rebellions. Recently the 2008 food price peak has been surpassed. What does this price picture mean for the hungry people of the world? What does it mean for farmers, both in the first and in the third world?
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The objectives of the Association are to: foster the development of rural sociology; further the application of sociological inquiry to the improvement of the quality of rural life; and provide a mechanism whereby rural sociologists can generate dialogue and useful exchange.

The Rural Sociological Society is having their 74th Annual Meeting July 28- 31, 2011. We are combining with the Community Development Society in Boise, Idaho. Please visit our website for Conference details at

First call: July 29 to August 4 2012, the 13th World Congress of Rural Sociology will be held in Lisbon, Portugal. World Congress Website.

The XXIV European Society for Rural Sociology Congress
The European Society for Rural Sociology invites to the XXIV European Socity for Rural Sociology Congress, 22-25 August 2011 in Chania (Greece). The theme of the congress is 'Inequality and Diversity in European Rural Areas'.

12 positions for early stage researchers
PUREFOOD project has 12 vacant positions for early stage researchers in the socio-economic and socio-spatial dynamics of the (peri-)urban and regional foodscape. PUREFOOD offers 12 individual research projects in 6 countries.

ESRS Newsletter 29.9.2010
The ESRS Newsletter 29.9.2010 has been published on the ESRS Website. The contents of the ESRS Newsletter are call for working groups to the XXIV ESRS Congress (22-25 August 2011) in Chania (Greece), announcement of conferences and a new book published.

Minutes from the Mid Year Council Meeting (July 13 2010 in Gothenberg, Sweden) are now available.

In IRSA we are now introducing a more outspoken, actual and vivid homepage. As of today we launch a President's Corner and an IRSA Forum, where members and others may comment the Corner text and other IRSA issues. You are also invited as members to send us longer texts, up to 600 words, in which you may take part in a discussion of upcoming issues and concerns in international rural sociology. The aim is to become a more living organisation with more active members.

The Asian Rural Sociology Association (ARSA) announces the 4th International Conference in Legazpi City, Philippines on September 6-10, 2010. The theme for the conference is “The Multidimensionality of Economy, Energy and Environmental Crises and their Implications for Rural Livelihoods”.

Rural sociologists in media
In order to expose how rural sociologists have made a social impact we are going to post news on the IRSA website, showing how colleagues have been active in the media recently. It can be interviews, chronicles or newspaper articles in which rural sociologists are referred to in a substantial way.

Please nominate media news from yourself or your colleagues to: