Members of the IRSA board: Carla Gras

Carla Gras is Senior Researcher for the National Council of Scientific and Technological Research of Argentina (CONICET) in the Interdisciplinary School of Social Studies at the University of San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is Professor in the School of Sociology at the University of San Martín. Her research focuses on the political economy of agrarian change in Latin America with particular reference to Argentina. Her interests include agrarian class differentiation, agribusiness expansion, the financialization of farmland and agriculture, and corporate and family farming organizations. She has done research and fieldwork in the Pampa and Northwester regions of Argentina. She has been VicePresident of the Latin American Rural Sociology Association (ALASRU) between 2018-2022. At present, she is Associate Editor of the Journal of Agrarian Change.

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