Notice of Postponement of the XV World Congress of IRSA

In light of the escalating concern and responses to the spread of the Covid-19 virus, and the widening use of containment measures including restrictions on both travel and gatherings, the Council of the International Rural Sociological Association has decided to postpone the XV World Congress in Cairns for a period of approximately 12 months. This decision was unanimous and arrived at out of a strongly felt shared desire to not to put Congress speakers and attendees at risk. The current plan is to hold the Congress at the same venue in July of 2021. The dates will be announced once agreement is reached between the venue and the local arrangements committee. For details on submitted papers, registration fees, rescheduling of important registration dates, as well as the possibility of ongoing submission of abstract, please visit the Congress website

Thank you all for your understanding, patience and support.
President Dr. Koichi Ikegami

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